Commercial RO system

Commercial RO System

Aqualine Reverse Osmosis is a membrane process that can separate undesirable minerals from water where classical purification methods are insufficient. It can be used on sea water, well water with high conductivity and can produce water of high purity.


  • Membrane vessels FRP
  • TFC Spiral wound membranes 8î diameter
  • AISI304 stainless steel vertical centrifugal high pressure pump
  • ST-37 Epoxy painted carbon steel frame
  • 5 Micron cartridge filter
  • Low and high pressure line U-PVC PN16 (available in between GAMA180 -GAMA3080)
  • Low pressure line U-PVC PN16, High pressure line AISI304 Stainless steel(available in between GAMA3680 -GAMA9680)
  • Electrical actuated automatic valves
  • Pressure adjustment valves in Pump outlet and waste water line
  • Low and high pressure switches
  • Product water and waste water flowmeters
  • Product Water Conductivity Meter (0-2000µS/cm)
  • Autoflush System
  • Suitable storage tank and pump in sytems which have CIP + Rinsing
  • Card or PLC control panel
  • Antiscalant dosage system is not included


  • Feed water TDS : 0-2,000 ppm
  • Feed water pressure : 2 to 5 bar
  • Feed Water Ph range : 6-8
  • Silica (SiO2) tolerance : 25 ppm max.
  • Min. and max. feed water temperature(10∫ C - 30∫C )
  • Max. Iron (Fe) tolerance : 0.05 ppm, if ASC dosing 0,2 ppm
  • Hydrogen Sulfide should be removed.
  • Turbidity should be removed. (NTU < 1)
  • Oil-Grase should be removed.
  • SDI < 5
  • Microbiological contamination should be removed